Information Dashboards- Climate Change.

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This Information dashboard consists of the following capabilities:

 1.      Home Page.

·       4 buttons to navigate.

 2.     Average Temperature Rise.

·        Mean Temperature.

·        Average Temperature rise.

.        Top 10 warmest years.

3.      Co2 Emission.

.        Average of Co2 Concentration.

.        Average Rise.

.        Highest Co2 Emission by Year.

4.      Greenhouse Concentration.

.        Average of Co2 Concentration.

.        Average Rise.

5.      Solution.

.        What can we do to prevent it?

This dashboard is inspired by one of the dashboards available on "Data Stories Gallery."

Please read the description for more details

Climate Change Dashboard for you to see real data points and key ideas to support the cause.


This dashboard was built to create awareness amongst people about climate change which is happening and that too very rapidly. This helps the users:-

·        To realize the pace at which the climate change is happening.

·        Covers Average temperature rise, Co2 emission, and Greenhouse gas emission.

·        The Solution.

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