Customer Segmentation- eCommerce business analysis


Creating a report that can single handily cover all aspects of the business is not everyone’s cup of tea. It requires a lot of time and hard work. It took me more than a week to complete this dashboard. This is a 6-in-1 report where a user will find everything on a single page although it may look like an easy task compiling 6 pages into 1, it is very challenging.


The customer-centric dashboard is something where architect must consider the customer and organizational goals simultaneously. While creating this dashboard I was clear as to what I had to show and what not. I took help from various videos on YouTube and tried to give a 360-degree view so that this dashboard does not be the helping hands only of the senior management but of the middle and lower as well.


What are you going to find in this dashboard?

·        Customer entertained.

·        Customer Transaction.

·        Transaction History.

·        Agent Performance.

·        3PL Performance.

·        Warehouse Performance analysis.


The focus here is to create a good dashboard that covers all the perspectives from the business point of view to have an eye on the 360-degree approach of the business and delivers complete analysis of the business. After a lot of internet digging and research, I finally built this dashboard and tried to cover all the aspects in granular detail.

Customer Segmentation Dashboard


Running even a small business nowadays is not an easy task. It would be icing on the cake if everything is not managed accurately and to manage things in a proper manner the management needs factual data. I have tried to cover every inch of a business. You will find the below-mentioned area of interest in this dashboard. I tried

 ·        To give a complete overview that revolves around the customers.

·        To give a detailed overview of the products.

·        To give a complete analysis of transaction history.

·        To Give a complete analysis of the performance of the agent.

·        To cover logistics performance.

·        Warehouse occupancy.

Customer Segmentation Dashboard


The Customer Segmentation dashboard consists of the following capabilities:

The customer segmentation dashboard primarily focuses on customer data, but Codesi4 always tries to give more and more. So, it can be called a customer segmentation dashboard with a blend of many more things that helps the business prosper.

 1.      Customer analysis

·        Customer Entertained.

·        Average quantity ordered.

·        Total quantity bought by the customer.

·        Customers in various locations.

·        Average rating given by customers.

 2.      Product Analysis

·        Average price of products.

·        Quantity sold on an MoM basis.

 3.      Transaction Analysis

·        Orders analysis.

·        Customer transaction history.

·        ETA delivery and actual delivery.

·        Returns.

 4.      Employees Analysis

·        Quantity sold.

·        Customer Ratings.

·        Locations.

 5.      Warehouse

·        Locations.

·        Capacity

·        Orders fulfilled.

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